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Pen and ink drawing of the Statue of Liberty

For Liberty—a love song to America

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Our adaptation of an Irving Berlin classic addressing the immigration debate in America today is available here! We invite you to hear and download the complete, full version of our anthem, “For Liberty–a love song to America.”

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A somewhat abridged version of “For Liberty.” is now also available through most music streaming services, including:

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A SATB choral arrangement and an arrangement for vocal soloist with piano accompaniment are each available for purchase and immediate download via NoteFlight at these web links:

Our Lyrics

Lady Liberty's Tapestry

The full version of “For Liberty.” is introduced by a sound montage called “Lady Liberty's Tapestry,”. This is our tribute to the millions of America’s immigrants, recent and ancient, willing and compelled, all for whom the Statue of Liberty serves as a beacon of hope for an ever more perfect union.

Curious about all the various sounds heard in our opening montage? Get all the details in our Sonic Montage Timeline.

Lady Liberty's Tapestry is
© Copyright 2018
By Janina Sajka
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Photograph of the Statue of Liberty on a sunny spring day

About is a music production and artistic enterprise focusing on issues of education and inclusivity.

Our Mission

We are an artistic response to the disturbing political climate and general discord so prevalent in America today. We are a small seed hoping to take root and grow into a movement of peaceful warriors—those who miss and long for a return to the ideals that shaped this country, those who are willing to speak up and speak out for democracy, unity, diversity, compassion and inclusion—For Liberty.

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